Case Study: Drive Performance & Growth

Case Study: Drive Performance & Growth

Case Study: Drive Performance & Growth

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To remain in its competition position, this Fortune 100 company cares deeply about the way its culture operates to support agility, creativity, collaboration, engagement and productivity. It faces disruptive external change and worries about the risk of culture dynamics that will undermine its reputation, brand and strategy.

With multiple independent divisions, each with multiple companies, it wanted a new kind of culture survey that would help leaders and their teams learn more about their units’ culture strengths, the way these support strategic imperatives and potentially get in the way, as well as culture development needs to support innovation and growth.

The Divisions related more to their own brand than the parent’s so the decision was made to brand each culture survey to the Division and time the survey to the needs of each business.

The objective was to help each senior leader and team understand the way the culture was operating and what needed attention both across the Division as well as within their own Company or Group. To that end, reports were provided at the Division, Group, as well as Regional level. Head Office, including the Global Functions, also received a set of reports.

Given Enterprise strategy, a consolidated set of results was prepared for the Executive Team and the Board focusing on key culture insights, opportunities and risks.

Partnering with HR/OD, we provided Knowledge Transfer throughout the initiative to prepare HR for its role in describing findings around culture strengths, needs and dynamics and facilitating action strategy sessions to act on the results. Workshops with senior HR leaders were held in Asia Pacific, Europe, South America and North America.

Approach: We Help

Tools: CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT® Survey, Culture Pulse