Culture Cards

Culture Cards

CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT® Culture Cards are a tool to facilitate meaningful conversations about organizational culture. They provide a simple yet powerful way to develop a shared understanding of the assumptions, beliefs, behaviors, practices and values that are the foundation of culture. 


They are most commonly used to better understand an organization’s current culture and define the future culture required to execute strategy and fulfill goals.

The Culture Cards Leader’s Guide provides instructions to help you get the most out of these conversations using a 3 to 5 hour working session designed for groups of up to 20 people. The cards can also be used with larger groups (they have been used with groups of over 100 people). The highly interactive design engages people in the dialogue and critical reflection required for shared understanding of the current or future state culture.

The typical session begins with a brief introduction to the concept of organizational culture and quickly shifts to an activity where people are asked to sort the Culture Cards based on their relevance or importance. The Culture-Strategy Fit model is used to pull the card sort results into a cohesive whole. This anchors the ensuing conversations about visible and hidden cultural attributes and their implications for strategy execution. Also included in the current culture workshop design is an optional approach for conducting a reality check.

By the end of the session, culture has been described in a safe way, assumptions and beliefs underpinning it have been explored and the group has created a detailed description of current or future-state culture.

The Concept

Each of the Culture Cards describes a practice, behavior or attribute that captures an organizational culture pattern. Using the cards ensures that organization members have a common framework and language that significantly contributes to the development of a shared understanding of the culture the organization has and/or needs for the future.

When to Use the Culture Cards

The Culture Cards have been used as part of strategic planning initiatives, business transformation projects, strategic change implementations (i.e. new business models, spin-offs), merger and acquisition integration planning, leadership development workshops, team effectiveness initiatives, executive retreats, as well as vendor and supplier partnerships.

How to Use the Culture Cards

The Leader’s Guide provides instructions for facilitating meaningful conversations about the current or future state culture as part of a workshop or team meeting. You can use the Culture Cards activities for both conversations, however we also recommend using one of our other tools such as the Culture Safari in combination with the cards to make it even more engaging for participants. The Culture Cards can be used in small group sessions, larger workshops or as part of a large group process such as a World Café.

Fast Facts

  • Materials include: CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT® Leader’s Guide with one set of Culture Cards, a Workshop Presentation in MS PowerPoint and Culture Cards Handout. Additional Culture Cards can be purchased.
  • Number of participants: 3 or more.
  • Logistics: One large room with tables and chairs that allow people to work in teams of three to 5 people.
  • Room: Plenty of wall space is required to post flip charts.
  • Length of modules: 3 to 5 hours depending on the sections selected for inclusion

Materials & Pricing

Leader’s Guide with one set of Culture Cards                                                                  $175 USD
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1 deck of Culture Cards                                                                                                           $95
Includes shipping and customs within mainland US & Canada
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Set of 3 decks of Culture Cards                                                                                               $275
Includes shipping and customs within mainland US & Canada
International orders have additional shipping fees

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