Culture Images

Culture Images

Using photographs is a high engagement approach for opening-up conversations about current culture and/or describing the future culture needed to deliver strategy, business transformation or M&A integration. This tool encourages groups to listen to each other’s perspectives and explore values, beliefs and behaviors together.


Culture Images Used in Large-Scale Meeting

The CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT® Culture Images is a set of 20 carefully selected, ready to print photographs that can be used to elicit powerful kinds of conversations about organization culture. The tool includes a PDF of the photographs and an activity guide that provides suggestions about when and how to use these as part of culture work.

The photographs are a vehicle to engage both small and large groups of people in exploring current and future culture. It is an ideal ice breaker to open up conversation about ‘the way things get done around here’ (Schein) in a safe way. This photograph illustrates their use with 125 health care, church and city leaders examining new ways to collaborate to deliver regional health services in more effective ways. For mergers or acquisitions or department amalgamations they help people describe the work culture and what they value about it.

When to Use Images for Culture Work

Culture Images Sample

Use these photographs with groups when you want to:

  • Introduce the topic of organization culture
  • Provide a forum for discussing current culture
  • Engage stakeholders in describing the future culture
  • Understand how different groups experience the culture
  • Reinforce the role each leader and team plays in shaping culture
  • Start to build collective passion for culture change


Use these pictures to open-up conversations:

  • As an activity for leadership or team development
  • As culture SWOT analysis during strategy development
  • As a change readiness assessment
  • As an integration activity during M&A
  • As a group feedback tool


20 ready to print PDF Culture Images and Activity Guide      $75 USD

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“You cannot buy a distinctive organizational culture and you cannot copy it from someone else. You must grow it.” A.L. Wilkins




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