M&A Culture Resources

CSF M&A Culture Tools are designed to support those close to the deal so they can integrate culture work into planning and decision making early in the deal, or Integration Teams and HR/OD involved in integration and transition planning.

Early Stage

CSF M&A Culture Due Diligence Tool– An early stage process that is licensed to your organization. It enables internal resources to unpack aspects of culture which need to be recognized for decision making, integration planning and risk assessment. Knowledge transfer occurs with senior HR/OD resources who then engage those close to the deal to gather culture inputs and to identify culture risks together. The M&A Culture Due Diligence methodology includes tools such as Observation Guides, Interview Guides and Workshop Facilitation Plans.

One-time license fee for knowledge transfer and methodology

Pre/Post-Close Integration Planning

CSF M&A Culture Survey This 15 minute survey compares 14 culture attributes that can potentially create culture synergy or tensions. See the M&A Culture Profile example below. It can be used with or without the M&A Culture Integration methodology. For example, for HR or Strategy consulting firms or companies experienced in M&A, this survey can be a tool to add to your M&A resources (You Do It approach).  Read More

Alternatively, we can provide knowledge transfer and/or advisory support in how to interpret your results, if desired (We Helpapproach). We can interpret your results to find the culture synergies to leverage and the culture tensions to address.

 Fees based on survey

population, number of reports and related services

CSF Culture Scan – This 5 minute, 14 item statement survey is an ideal tool to ignite conversations about culture – ‘the way things get done around here’. Use as part of workshops to engage groups in describing their culture DNA. This is an ideal tool for internal or external consultants or leaders wanting to open-up conversations while providing some structure and objective data. LINK Read more about this survey. Read More


Fees based on survey population and number of reports 

CSF M&A Culture Integration Tool – A pre- or post-changeover process that is licensed to your organization focused on assessing culture synergies, tensions and differences for input into integration plans. Knowledge transfer occurs with senior HR/ODwho are trained to use the two M&A Culture Surveys and the M&A Culture Integration Tool to identify implications for integration and transition success.A comprehensive Facilitation Guideand Tools support process activities. Ideal for acquirers and consulting firms.

One-time license fee for knowledge transfer and methodology

Additional fees for CSF M&A Culture survey reports


Build Your M&A Culture Tool Kit

Whether you are a member of an Integration Team, the HR/OD group supporting a merger or acquisition, or their consultant partners, you need practical surveys, tools and methodsthat enable well-informed decision making and planning.

Give us a call to discuss your needs and find out how we can help you build your tool kit and capability.