M&A Culture Scan

M&A Culture Scan

Time is limited in M&A. The CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT® M&A Culture Scan is a quick 14 statement, 1-2 question survey that assesses culture in areas where differences in culture may create culture tensions or drag that will impact integration success.

Use the CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT® M&A Culture Scan to:

  • Gain objective insights around potential culture hot spots
  • Base understanding of culture differences on current reality
  • Make sure early decision making and communications minimize culture ‘red flags’
  • Develop a shared view of what to pay attention to
  • Open-up conversations about culture similarities and differences
  • Ensure integration plans are effective

Fast Facts

  • Research-based survey specific to M&A tensions
  • 14 culture attributes, 1-2 questions, 5-6 minutes
  • Comparison data displays
  • Simple, business language
  • Rapid set up and reporting
  • Industry-leading data security
  • Use desk top, phone or tablet
  • E-mail invitations and reminders for high participation rates
  • Survey available in 16 standard languages, option to add others, report in English

When to Use It 

This short survey can be used pre- or post-close and anytime groups are considering amalgamation.

  • Integration Team – planning
  • Leaders – when amalgamating groups
  • HR/OD – input to recruitment, on-boarding & development
  • Executive Coaching/Development – planning & on-boarding
  • Risk/Compliance Office – risk management

How It Works

Our Culture Resource Center provides a quality survey experience for all parties. By pre-loading e-mail addresses and demographic data, the organization can be assured that all participants will be allocated to the right group. For users, the quick launch of the survey from a third-party mitigates concerns about confidentiality and provides convenient, mobile access. For data security, we employ industry-leading privacy and security measures. This approach results in better participation rates, increased candor and data accuracy, plus greater satisfaction with the survey process. Several tools help with organizing for the survey. The typical process is:

Identify Your Needs

  • You identify the desired survey languages, reports and schedule
  • You summarize this on the Culture Survey Intake Tool and send it to the Culture Resource Center. If group or departments are to be compared across the new entity, a hierarchy of reports with matching departments must be provided
  • We confirm the schedule for your survey and commit to your report delivery date(s)
  • We provide the Getting Organized Tool and a Data Upload Tool for survey set-up. This provides information on firewall whitelisting, testing, status reporting and requirements for the employee Data Upload file.

Set-up and Run Survey

  • You provide an employee data Upload File for each organization
  • You provide IT with whitelisting information so the survey will not be blocked
  • You complete a technology (firewall) and content test of the survey before launch
  • You send employees a communication about the purpose of the survey with start and end date
  • Our secure survey engine sends participants an email invitation containing their personal link
  • Participation status reports are most often sent twice a week

Receive Reports

  • You receive your reports within 4 business days, or as agreed (reports requiring translation of open-ended question answers can take up to an additional 10 business days).


Consider this a part of integration planning for corporate mergers and acquisitions or department amalgamations. Engage groups in discussion about cultural similarities and differences that really matter to integration success. We’d be pleased to learn more about your M&A needs.