M&A Culture Survey

M&A Culture Survey

Despite a shared focus on customer service or innovation or quality, organization culture differences can significantly impact amalgamation success.

Recent research (The Impact of Corporate Cultural Distance on Mergers and Acquisitions, 2016) reconfirms the negative impact of organization culture differences on deal completion time and probability, synergy returns and multiple aspects of performance. To inform integration planning, insights are needed around the way people inter-relate and communicate, make decisions and get things done need.

The CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT® M&A Culture Survey will:

  • Scan and compare 14 culture attributes known to create tensions
  • Indicate similarities that can potentially be leveraged to help leaders integrate teams more smoothly
  • Pinpoint differences that may create tensions and barriers to integration
  • Provide inputs for more effective integration plans

Find Culture Synergy and Tension Areas

In the early days of integration, knowing whether there will be synergy or tension in 14 cultural attributes is vital information for communication, decision making and integration planning. A comparison of similarities and differences starts the process of finding synergies to leverage during integration and potential culture tension areas to proactively address.

The CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT® M&A Culture Survey compares the following culture attributes:

  • Collaboration
  • Competitiveness
  • Customer Orientation
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Engagement
  • Future Orientation
  • Innovation
  • People Orientation
  • Power
  • Process Orientation
  • Results Orientation
  • Risk Taking
  • Teamwork
  • Work Discipline

Fast Facts

  • Rapidly activated, on-line survey
  • 62 statements, 2-4 open-ended questions
  • Simple, business language
  • About 15 minutes to complete
  • Scorecarded comparison data displays
  • 16 standard languages, option to add others
  • Minor customization of survey screens, e-mail invitations and reminders
  • Use desktop, phone or tablet
  • Industry-leading data security
  • Report walk through or analysis if desired

Get Leaders the Right Information

The CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT®  M&A Culture Survey Report provides the kind of information that organizations, their leaders and teams need in concise summaries, such as below.

Amalgamating groups can explore what this looks like in everyday experience so they can agree what to preserve and protect, what will be a foundation for shared culture and what needs to be paid attention to, or needs development.

Data displays reveal the way these similarities and differences play out in day-to-day experience to hasten understanding and ability to plan in the early days of the merger or acquisition.

How It Works

Our Culture Resource Center provides a quality survey experience for all parties. By pre-loading e-mail addresses and demographic data, the organization can be assured that all participants will be allocated to the right organization and group. For users, the quick launch of the survey from a third-party mitigates concerns about confidentiality and provides convenient, mobile access. For data security, we employ industry-leading privacy and security measures. This approach results in better participation rates, increased candor and data accuracy, plus greater satisfaction with the survey process. More information is provided in the CSF M&A Culture Approach

Survey Pricing and Options

We have two approaches for making your experience with the M&A Culture Survey a success, You Do It or We Help. Read more about approach, options and pricing in CSF MA Culture Survey

Consider This Survey When You Need to…

  • Identify and manage culture risks early
  • Plan how best to operate given distinctive differences
  • Engage and retain top talent
  • Protect customers and suppliers from culture tensions or confusion
  • Orient leaders and employees so differences are addressed, minimizing culture drag on productivity
  • Create a measurement system for tracking culture change over time


Give your integration team and the leaders they support the information they need to minimize culture clash.