The Most Important Rules Of Hiring Good People

The Most Important Rules Of Hiring Good People

The Most Important Rules Of Hiring Good People

The Most Important Rules Of Hiring Good People

You can’t overstate the value of hiring good people. If companies are like living organisms, then individual employees, like individual cells, can have a tremendous impact on the overall well-being of the organization. Bad employees are cancer. They not only have a negative direct impact, but their influence spreads. Because if they manage to stick around long enough to be in a position to hire others, they’ll end up hiring people like themselves (i.e. other bad employees). A-players hire A-players, B-players hire B-players, etc. You want to hire A-players. Here are the most important rules of hiring good people.

Always Be Recruiting (ABR)

You’ve probably heard of the business rule of ABC, as in “always be closing.” But, you may not know of the rule of ABR, as in “always be recruiting.” Good people aren’t always available for hire on your schedule. You should constantly seek out top performers. Sometimes you’ll have to build a relationship with people months, even years before you hire them (this is especially true for executives). As CEO, you must lead this charge. CEOs shouldn’t delegate hiring. Especially during the first few years, or until such time as they feel confident that there are enough good people in the company to successfully hire other good people.

If A-Player Talent Becomes Available, Hire!

If you run across an A-player and don’t have a job for him or her, create one. Stars usually come on the market because of some disruptive event–a business closing, major restructuring, or a change in family situation. Take them when you can get them.

Hire Quickly

Most hiring processes take too long, often leaving you with mediocre or poor performers. The longer it takes you to hire someone, the less enthusiastic they will be. And if you wait too long, someone else is likely to snatch them up while you are dawdling. Two weeks is a good standard from resume-in-hand to offer.

Check For Cultural Compatibility

You want to find an employee that will fit in with your company’s culture. You want to be sure that job candidates have the right personality to get along with managers and potential future coworkers. This is a tightrope between hiring a bunch of clones versus people who are so different that they end up constantly clashing. You should aim for diversity but ensure that everyone has the social skills to get along with co-workers and managers who are different from themselves.

Select Good Recruiters Within Your Company

You have to have top-notch, talented people representing your company upfront during your interview process. First, they must be able to distinguish the finest candidates. Second, they must be professional and knowledgeable. If not, it will turn a lot of great potential-talent off to your company.

There you have it, the most important rules of hiring good people. If you need help developing or improving the culture in your company check out our products and services at Culture Strategy Fit today!

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