The CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT® Culture Dynamics Pulse is designed to help leaders and their groups understand the way social and group dynamics are operating in their workplace. The survey measures 5 Culture Dynamics: Agility, Collaboration, Engagement, Performance and Trust, all essential to creating positive workplace dynamics.

The survey is a safe and confidential means for groups to gain insights into social and group dynamics. By understanding the way culture dynamics are influencing within and cross-boundary work, groups can build on their culture strengths, set priorities and make the changes required to be more adaptable, collaborative, productive, innovative, customer focused and effective. Our unique focus on patterns of behaviors and practices and their inter-play means groups can take targeted and practical action round survey results.

This is the ideal tool for Divisions, Functions, Departments or Project Teams wanting to improve performance while working through change, such as new strategies, re-structuring, space design and systems implementations.

For Any Group, it provides a feedback loop so it can adapt and quickly improve effectiveness

For Company Life Cycle Changes, it opens up conversations about the way practices and behaviors operate and what needs to shift

For HR Departments, it reveals how the culture is being experienced by different Levels, Generations or Locations and what needs attention, where

For Changes to Space, such as building consolidations, new builds or re-designs, it provides a pre-and post-measurement tool

Fast Facts

  • 50 survey statements, 2 standard questions plus comments section
  • 10 minutes
  • Rapidly activated, confidential on-line survey
  • Quick launch, mobility-enabled
  • Simple, business language
  • Survey in almost any language
  • Direct to participant e-mail invitations and reminders
  • PDF Report with Culture Dynamics Scorecard, Overall Profile, Dimension Profile (such as Trust below) and Scorecarded data displays (as below))
  • Top/Bottom 3 Culture Patterns with commentary (Fairness & Equity below)
  • Fast report turnaround

How It Works

Our Culture Resource Center provides a quality survey experience for all parties. By pre-loading e-mail addresses and demographic data, the organization can be assured that all participants will be allocated to the right group. For users, the quick launch of the survey from a third-party mitigates concerns about confidentiality and provides convenient, mobile access. For data security, we employ industry-leading privacy and security measures. This approach results in better participation rates, increased candor and data accuracy,plus greater satisfaction with the survey process. Two tools help with organizing for the survey.  Read more details and about pricing in CSF Culture Dynamics Pulse

Survey Reports

The report is robust and tells the story of 5 culture dynamics and 30 culture patterns. It provides quick to understand scorecards, profiles, data displays and descriptions of top and bottom scoring culture patterns. We have two approaches: You Do It and We Help.

You Do It

A comprehensive report for you to work with:

  • PDF Word-type report format; PPT with all data displays optional
  •  Comparison by Group, Level, Location, or any other factor
  •  Culture Scorecard and Profile
  • Top and Bottom 3 Culture Patterns with descriptive comments
  • Top and Bottom 5 Statements
  • 5 Dimension graphs and 30 scorecarded culture pattern data displays
  • Open-ended responses sorted by Group (or other)


Reports comparing experiences by Location, Years of Service, Generation or other demographic factors can be provided. Reports for large functions or departments are the same comprehensive report described under You Do It.

We Help 

A culture expert can walk you through your report. Those who have used the Culture-Strategy Fit Survey will be familiar with the analytic model that underpins the Pulse report.

Options and Pricing

Read more about Options and Pricing in this PDF CSF Culture Dynamics Pulse or give us a call for a consultation.



Include this as part of your next group development initiative, planning process, transformational change initiative or move to a new building. A flexible tool to enable people to manage themselves through complex change.