Culture Scan

Culture Scan

The CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT® Culture Scan is a measurable means of quickly understanding the current culture of an organization by assessing 14 culture attributes. This survey provides a quick look at the way culture is operating.

  • Understand current culture
  • Identify differences in the way people experience culture
  • Engage people in culture change
  • Assess implications for change

Fast Facts

  • Globally appropriate, research-based survey
  • 14 culture attributes, 15 minute survey
  • Simple, business language
  • Rapidly activated, confidential on-line survey
  • Industry-leading data security
  • Use desk top, phone or tablet
  • Culture scorecard, profile and scorecarded data displays
  • E-mail invitations and reminders for high participation rates
  • Survey available in most languages, report in English

When to Use It

  • Planning – SWOT analysis
  • Change readiness assessment
  • Project risk analysis
  • Group/Team development
  • Start-up development

How It Works

Our Culture Resource Center provides a quality survey experience for all parties. By pre-loading e-mail addresses and demographic data, the organization can be assured that all participants will be allocated to the right group. For users, the quick launch of the survey from a third-party mitigates concerns about confidentiality and provides convenient, mobile access. For data security, we employ industry-leading privacy and security measures. This approach results in better participation rates, increased candor and data accuracy, plus greater satisfaction with the survey process. Read more details in the Culture Scan PDF.


Our reports provide quick to understand scorecards, profiles and data displays. They are robust and help you understand the current culture. We have two approaches to reports: You Do It and We Help.

You Do It

A comprehensive report for you to work with:

  • PDF Word-type report format; PPT with all data displays optional
  • Comparison by Group (or Level, Location, etc.)
  • Culture Scorecard and Profile
  • Top and Bottom 3 Culture Patterns with descriptive comments
  • Top and Bottom 5 Statements
  • Dimension graphs and scorecarded culture pattern data displays
  • Open-ended responses sorted by Group (or other)
  • Additional demographic reports, as desired
  • Reports comparing experiences by Location, Years of Service, Generation or other demographic factors can be provided.

We Help

A Report Walk Through – A culture expert will walk you through your report

Pricing and Options

There are a range of options. Read the Culture Scan PDF which describes the survey, options and fees or call us for a consultation. 

Our quick set up and turnaround means you can have this for your next meeting!