About Us

Culture creates capacity to achieve great things. It’s the organizational DNA that supports strategy, brand and performance and builds a customer and employee experience for the long term. We’re your culture resource center, ready to support this important work.

Our passion is to share culture surveys, tools and activities for understanding and shaping culture. These tools have been developed over 20 years in working with market leading global and national organizations.

The timeline below reveals the journey that has shaped our perspective, what we create and how we serve you.

Ah Ha!

A longitudinal research study provides new kinds of insights into culture assessment and change 1996-2001


Input from top executives on what they need in order to understand culture and lead its development 2001-2002


Quasi-experimental approach used to identify leader behaviors and organizational practices that contribute most to specific strategic outcomes. Custom surveys launched 2002-2009


Methods, activities, simulations and tools developed to support more intentional culture change 2005-Present

Global Network

Consultant intensives launched to build capacity to serve 2005

Alliance Partners

Professional services firms with complimentary services establish relationships in order to provide new kinds of culture assessment and change services to their clients 2006

Culture-Strategy Fit Survey

Testing reveals culture patterns that operate dynamically to create a high performing culture, distinct from culture patterns important to execution of different strategies. A new modular survey is designed 2009

Innovation & Culture

Our Innovation Culture Pulse Survey is used as part of a $4B innovation initiative in a F100 company 2014

M&A Culture Tools

A new suite of streamlined culture due diligence and integration planning tools is launched 2014

Culture Resource Center

A new means to more broadly share our knowledge and tools is created  2017

Our Culture Guru Dr. Nancie Evans

Nancie has long been called a ‘Culture Guru’ and she is now embracing it. She is co-founder of the company and the bright mind and driving force behind the development of our culture assessments and resources. She continues to work with clients and partners to transfer knowledge and to innovate around tools for understanding and more intentionally shaping culture fit to strategy. More about our Culture Guru.

Co-founder  Sherrill Burns

Building the organization behind the scenes to make things happen, Sherrill makes sure that our culture products and services, whether delivered to consultants, alliance partners or directly to clients, meet our quality and service guarantee.

Culture Resource Team

A core team of culture survey professionals and a network of highly qualified culture consultants are ready to work with you. Depending on your choice, You Do It or We Help, members of the Culture Resource Team will play their role to match the right resources to your needs and work collaboratively with you to ensure your culture work meets with success.