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Leaders, through their words and actions, send messages as to the right and expected way to interact and do things.

Leaders and Culture

Posted on October 18, 2019 By Dr. Nancie Evans { no comments }

Culture is created by shared experience, but it is the leader who initiates this process by acting out his or her beliefs, values, and assumptions in the behaviors he or she demonstrates and the practices he or she uses. Anyone who has worked with a very good leader or a really bad one can clearly […]

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The Leader’s Role In Shaping Culture: A Theoretical Perspective

Posted on May 27, 2019 By Dr. Nancie Evans { no comments }

[i] “Management controls, arranges, does things right; leadership unleashes energy, sets the vision so we do the right thing.” (Bennis & Nanus, 1985)[ii] Much of present day thinking on the subject of leadership can be traced back to significant global economic changes that occurred in the early 1970’s and extended through the 1980’s following an […]

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Vector Image of a leader

Lesson #2: Engaging Leaders, Changing Culture

Posted on March 14, 2019 By Dr. Nancie Evans { no comments }

This article is a draft chapter in Dr. Nancie Evans’ upcoming book, Changing Culture: 30 Years of Lessons Learned. Comments, questions and suggestions are gratefully appreciated. Happy reading! In an ideal world, senior leaders fully embrace the challenge of changing culture. As explained previously, this means role modeling the expected behaviors, reinforcing them in day-to-day […]

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Culture Change - Senior Leaders Must Lead The Way

Culture Change: Senior Leaders Must Lead The Way

Posted on February 22, 2019 By Dr. Nancie Evans { no comments }

Culture Change: 30 Years of Lessons Learned It’s been a long time coming, 11 years and multiple drafts, but I’m excited to announce that my book is finally looking like it is going to be completed. Yay! In my book, I share the many things I’ve learned over 30+ years of searching for the answer […]

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Man pushing rock up hill as an example of how difficult organizational culture change can be.

When It Comes to Culture, Change Management Isn’t Enough

Posted on February 6, 2019 By Dr. Nancie Evans { no comments }

Changing culture requires effective change management but change management is rarely if ever, enough to achieve meaningful and sustainable culture change. Imagine an entrepreneurial organization that values speed, creativity and innovation. Embedded in its culture is the belief that success depends on the ability to unleash the potential of individuals, be agile and take risks. […]

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image showing how to implement a culture change with remote workers.

How To Assimilate Remote Workers Into Your Company’s Culture

Posted on January 10, 2019 By Dr. Nancie Evans { no comments }

More and more, companies are turning to remote workers to help boost their revenue. According to a report from SurePayroll, 86 percent of employees say they hit “maximum productivity” when they work alone, and two-thirds of managers say remote employees are by far the most productive. Not only that, but remote workers reduce a company’s […]

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Role of Leaders on Company Culture

The Amplifying Effect of Leaders on Company Culture

Posted on August 13, 2018 By Dr. Nancie Evans { no comments }

Leadership is the primary driving force behind company culture. In a thoughtful piece for the Harvard Business Review, Jim Whitehurst, the CEO of Red Hat, one of the leading providers of enterprise IT products and solutions, argues that changing a company’s culture isn’t easy, but involves changing how the employees of that company behave and […]

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where to next for the CEO and company culture

Where to Next for the CEO & Culture?

Posted on February 27, 2018 By Dr. Nancie Evans { no comments }

A recent article in BOF, How Gucci’s Company Culture Fuels Business Success, about how the CEO of the company, Marco Bizzarri, has used culture to drive an impressive business turnaround speaks clearly to what every CEO needs to be doing about culture in 2018. Every CEO needs to be wading deeply into their company’s culture […]

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Strategies for Shaping Culture Part 2

Strategies for Shaping Culture Part 2

Posted on June 1, 2017 By Dr. Nancie Evans { no comments }

In our previous blog, we talked about three strategies to start the process of shaping culture proactively to deliver strategy and goals. The first strategy, Create a Future Focus described the need to paint a picture of the future culture and how it will support long term success. The second strategy, Assess Your Culture, described […]

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