Culture Pulse

Culture Pulse

Let us help you set-up and run your next Culture Pulse. We have deep experience in measuring culture, providing data to leaders that is actionable plus a Culture Research Center to manage confidentiality and security.

There are good reasons to conduct a quick check on culture. As Peter Drucker said, “What gets measured, improves.”

A short, 7-15 statement survey is sufficient to keep attention on culture priorities, recognize progress and help determine what needs attention, where.

Use a Culture Pulse when you want to:

  • Help people own culture development – provide them with data for action
  • Measure progress – provide evidence of whether culture work is having an impact
  • Understand the employee experience – create a means to listen to everyone so you can understand how culture is evolving
  • Probe the impact of changes – be proactive about measuring the positive or unanticipated impacts of change on mission-critical aspects of culture (for example, collaboration)

Our Best Practice Approach

  • Focus on 1-2 culture priority areas only
  • Make it relevant and purposeful
  • Use tested, research-based survey statements or make sure new ones are well constructed
  • Fine-tune to 7-15 statements and 1-2 open-ended questions
  • Use a survey engine that helps the user complete the survey quickly and easily
  • Sequence carefully, about 6 months after a survey or change
  • Provide reports widely so that groups can see their progress and hear the voice of employees
  • Make it confidential. Help people feel safe by using a third-party survey operator
  • Make it private. Comply with EU and other jurisdiction privacy requirements
  • Make it secure. Use practices and systems to minimize data breeches


Our reports provide quick to understand summaries and data displays. They include a summary participation report as seen below, plus Top and Bottom Five Statements and scorecarded data displays.

In the sample below, 15 statements were repeated from the 2015 culture survey and 2 new statements were used to test a culture priority area. See Culture Pulse Sample Report.

Culture Pulse Sample Displays


You can provide your own statements to us or we can design a custom pulse with you. Read more about the how to’s in the Culture Pulse Brochure.

You Do It

Reports for you to work with:

  • PPT report format
  • Participation report
  • Top and Bottom 5 Statements
  • Scorecarded data displays
  • Open-ended responses sorted by Group (or other demographic)
  • Reports generated for any group or demographic with greater than 8 respondees


We Help

Design Options:

  • Review of your statements with feedback
  • Design of your culture pulse


A Report Walkthrough: If you wish a roll-up report for the enterprise, a culture expert will walk you through the overall results. 1 hour

Survey Options and Pricing

You Do It

Survey Set-up     $495

Per Report Fee (Volume based fee)    $75-125


We Help

Review your statements and provide feedback/design assistance    $500

Design survey based on your culture priorities  $1500-2500

Report Walkthrough 1 hour walkthrough of enterprise summery report with a culture expert $750



We would be pleased to learn more about your Culture Pulse needs and how we can serve you.