Executive Retreats

Executive Retreats

Leaders are the single most important factor influencing culture. When a critical mass of leaders are aligned, culture can change in months versus years. This is what we call the amplifying effect of leaders - leaders leading the way by role modeling expected behaviors embedded in day-to-day practices and supported by an environment with the right conditions for success.

Circular Chart showing 5 areas that can be addressed at an executive retreat starting from current state assessment to leadership team effectiveness to visioning and alignment to building capacity to culture change by leading the way.

Leaders Creating Great Cultures Together

Tailored to your specific needs and situation, our Executive Retreats are anchored by the business challenges and opportunities facing your organization. This provides the backdrop for examining the way Executives, individually and as a team, are influencing culture and the organization's ability to execute strategy and achieve your goals. The insights gained provide focus for activities and discussions aimed at building the leader and team capability required to intentionally create great cultures and organizations.
Executive Retreats are typically held off-site and range in length from one to five days. They are led by culture and leadership experts with world class facilitation skills and extensive experience working with C-Suite Executives in a wide range of industries. With access to the wide range of assessment instruments, tools, activities and other resources available in the CULTURESTRATEGYFIT® Resource Center, they partner with you to create a high impact experience that leaders will remember for years to come. Typical objectives of our retreats include:

  1. Strengthen the effectiveness and culture of the leadership team
  2. Understand how leader personal traits and preferences affect relationships, team performance and culture
  3. Identify culture strengths and gaps between our current culture and the culture we need to execute our strategy
  4. Align the leadership team on a shared vision of the culture we need to execute our strategy
  5. Build leader capability to create the culture we need to execute our strategy
  6. Develop a 90-day action plan owned and executed by the leadership team

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