While the outside observer cannot accurately interpret the meaning captured in an image of a bicycle, an organization’s members can quickly articulate its cultural meaning and significance.

The Culture Safari invites participants to use pictures to safely explore the shared beliefs and assumptions that influence the way things get done in their organization.

By observing their surroundings and reflecting on what they see (and don’t see), heightened awareness of their organization’s culture and its subcultures is achieved and with this a deeper understanding of the ways that they, as leaders and members, shape the culture around them.


Current Culture Workshop (Module 1)

  • Develop a shared language and understanding of the culture within an organization, business unit, department/function or team
  • Discover the underlying beliefs and assumptions that are shaping culture
  • Explore subcultures and understand their role and significance in organizations
  • Begin to explore the relationship between culture and performance


Future Culture Workshop (Module 2)

Current Culture Workshop objectives plus……

  • Create a shared vision of the culture the organization needs for the future
  • Delve into the role of culture in executing strategy, achieving high performance and fulfilling an organization’s purpose
  • Examine the ways that leaders shape and change culture


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