M&A Culture Tools

M&A Culture Tools

The CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT® M&A Culture Tools help Leaders, HR/OD professionals and Integration Teams develop culturally appropriate integration plans to optimize the ROI of acquisitions. The M&A Culture Tools identify cultural tensions that must be addressed for integration to be efficient and effective. They also reveal insights that can be used to craft change and communication plans that help transition efforts go as smoothly as possible leading to higher rates of retention.

Why pay attention to culture during M&A?

PwC’s recent 2017 M&A Integration Survey Report finds that the struggle to derive value from M&A continues to challenge organizations, with Strategic Success (55%), Financial Success (50%), and Operational Success (47%) reported at disappointing rates. 

This is worrisome when combined with the shift to ‘Transformational’ deals now at 50% according to PwC. In Transformational deals, complexity increases and risks compound while cohesive leadership and talent retention becomes vital. The good news is Integration Teams are starting to look at culture earlier in the process with only 2% waiting to engage Post-Close. Identifying and addressing cultural risks early has proven to be a major factor in lowering the risk of talent attrition and protecting M&A value.

Avoid culture clash

M&A Culture Scan A short 15-item survey assesses potential areas of culture clash. Ideally, this survey is completed by members of both organizations and used to focus conversations about cultural synergies and tensions and their implications for integration. We recommend using this survey as input to Culture Integration and Due Diligence meetings and workshops. Your purchase includes a report with instructions on how to identify important similarities and differences in culture.

M&A Culture Survey A more in-depth view of the 15 potential areas of culture clash in our M&A model. This 62-item survey is a great option when it isn't possible to get people from the merging organizations together in a meeting or workshop. The survey results can be used by HR/OD and/or Leaders to refine integration and change plans without involving people busy with other integration activities. Your purchase includes a PPT report of the survey results, a PDF of the answers to the open-ended questions and a copy of our Culture Integration Guide.

Culture Integration Workshop Typically used post close, this workshop brings people from merging organizations together to learn about each others' cultures and identify cultural synergies and tensions. The design uses the results of our M&A Culture Scan survey to focus discussions. The outcomes are used to critically assess and refine integration and change plans. Purchase includes a detailed Leader’s Guide, Interview Guide and Workshop Presentation.