The CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT® M&A Culture Integration Workshop provides a methodology for holding meaningful conversations about culture in merging organizations and groups. It uses the M&A Culture Scan to focus discussions on high potential synergies and tensions resulting in targeted actions that can be embedded in integration and change plans. Your purchase includes a PowerPoint presentation, 150-page detailed Leader’s Guide and Interview Guide.

Why Purchase the M&A Culture Integration Workshop?

  • Members of both organizations understand the similarities and differences in their cultures; they gain the insights required to develop effective communication and change management plans
  • You have the insights required to develop integration plans that leverage cultural synergies and address areas of potential culture clash protecting the value of the acquired organization and maximizing the return on your investment
  • Your HR/OD team has a methodology they can apply to future (and past) acquisitions; a simple, repeatable, practical and time sensitive approach


  • Knowledge Transfer & Coaching: Workshop delivery, co-facilitation or hourly coaching on topics of your choice are available


For more information, download the M&A Culture Integration Workshop Overview here.

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Additional information


The Culture Integration Workshop is a 4 to 5 hour facilitated workshop attended by people from merging groups and organizations. It uses the results of the M&A Culture Scan to identify high risk areas of potential culture clash that, if addressed appropriately, can help integration go as smoothly as possible. This significantly reduces the risk of attrition of top talent, lowers resistance to change and increases the probability that acquisition goals will be achieved.


• Leader's Guide: 150 pages of detailed instructions
• Workshop Length: 4 to 5 hours (can be shortened or split into two sessions)
• Participants: Members of merging organizations
• Pre-Work: M&A Culture Scan survey, article pre-reading, Facilitator interviews 1 or more leader in each organization
• Logistics: Round or square tables, plenty of wall space to post flip charts

When To Use It

The Culture Integration Workshop should be conducted as early as possible post close; preferably within the first 30 days although it can be used at any point in the integration process. It helps members of merging organizations to:
• Build relationships important to establishing trust and communication
• Understand the similarities and differences in the cultures of the merging organizations
• Identify cultural synergies to leverage and tensions to address in integration plans
• Identify subcultures that provide unique value to the acquisition and need to be protected
• Determine the implications for integration and begin action planning

How It Works

Upon purchase, you receive a full set of the comprehensive workshop materials with the exception of the M&A Culture Scan. The survey needs to be purchased separately a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the workshop date. Participants complete the survey. We send you the survey results and you modify the workshop content as required. If preferred, we can analyze the survey results and prepare the workshop materials for you. You run the workshop and manage the outcomes and next steps. We are here to help you if and when needed including the option to co-facilitate the workshop and share our vast experience with culture integration.