The CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT® Culture Snapshot provides insights to help you create the culture your organization needs to execute your strategy and achieve your goals. Designed to complement our Culture Cards, it provides data to guide conversations and actions. You can choose a current versus future or a current culture survey.
This 25-item survey (50-items if assessing current and future culture) is a powerful tool to help you:

  • Understand your current culture – the way people are experiencing culture
  • Determine the gap between the current and future culture – focus culture change efforts where they count
  • Engage employees in creating your future culture – build understanding, ownership and commitment to change
  • Educate and engage leaders in culture work – learn how leaders can intentionally shape and change culture
  • Attract and onboard talent – assess talent for cultural fit and equip new employees to quickly and successfully transition

What Is Included?

We partner with you to run your survey and provide you with reports of your results. You analyze the results, communicate your findings and define next steps.

  • The Culture Snapshot Report: PPT report with a current versus future culture comparison plus your current culture compared by one factor, such as positions, locations or departments. Alternatively, you can opt for a current culture report comparing the results by two factors.
  • Data Displays: Culture Scorecard, Culture Profile, High/Low Statements, Scorecarded Bar Charts
  • Answers to the Open-Ended Questions: A PDF of the answers sorted by group


  • Data Reports: Additional reports comparing the results by groups or segments such as business units by department or tenure ($150 USD per report)
  • Workshop Template: PPT presentation with embedded notes for holding meaningful conversations about your survey results ($250 USD)
  • Executive Summary & Workshop Template Preparation: Your survey results analyzed by a culture expert who prepares a summary of Key Takeaways and customizes the workshop template using your survey results; includes a 1-hour webinar review of the survey results ($3500 USD per report)
  • Thematic Analysis of the Answers to the Open-Ended Questions: Pie charts showing theme percentages with participant quotes included in PPT report ($0.25 USD per word)
  • Report Debriefs: Webinar ($750 USD per webinar) or in-person ($2000 USD per half day plus expenses) explanation of your survey results
  • Knowledge Transfer & Coaching: Workshops or hourly coaching on topics of your choice are available ($425 USD per hour)

    For more information, download the Culture Snapshot Brochure here.

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    A customizable PowerPoint Workshop design to help you facilitate meetings to make sense of your survey results and develop effective action plans. Detailed Leader's Notes are provided. The presentation includes:

    • Key concepts on organizational culture
    • Future state culture module using our Culture Cards (purchase Cards separately)
    • Current culture module using your survey results
    • Action planning module
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Additional information


The Culture Snapshot is a 25-item survey (50-items if assessing current and future culture) based on our popular Culture Cards analytic model. It is a a great option when you want a short survey that provides insights into your current culture and/or how it compares to people's perceptions of the culture the organization needs. The results focus conversations on culture strengths – attributes that are deeply embedded and very difficult to change – and potential opportunities – gaps between your current and future culture. This survey is often used in combination with our Culture Cards adding data to validate the card sort results and expand the culture conversation.

Fast Facts

• Globally appropriate, research-based survey
• 25 items assess 9 culture attributes (50 items for the current and future culture)
• 2 – 3 open-ended questions add context and color to your data
• 10 to 15 minute on-line confidential survey accessible 24×7
• User-friendly, rapid activation
• Industry-leading data security
• Accessible by desk top, phone or tablet
• Web-link, personal access codes or email invitation options
• Daily progress reports of survey participation
• Optional analysis available by our culture experts

When to Use It

Consider this survey when you need data to focus conversations about culture in:
• Executive retreats
• Leadership/management development programs
• Organization/team culture initiatives
• Talent acquisition and retention initiatives

How It Works

Our Culture Resource Center partners with you to provide a quality survey experience for all parties. A simple Intake Form captures your requirements. Within 72 hours, your survey is setup and ready to go. Working together, we determine the best option for accessing the survey, complete a test and finalize details. For participants, completing the survey is convenient and user-friendly with confidentiality guaranteed. For data security, we employ industry-leading privacy and security measures. This results in better participation rates, increased candor and data accuracy, plus greater satisfaction with the survey process.