The CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT® Survey provides insights to help you create the culture your organization needs to execute your strategy and achieve your goals. This is our deep-dive foundation survey based on decades of research into the factors most influential in creating high performance cultures. It answers questions such as, “In what ways and to what extent does our culture support or impede strategy execution and goal achievement?”

This 85-item survey provides rich data for priority setting and for developing practical, high impact action strategies for shaping culture. It is founded on constructs from both national and organizational culture, so it is well positioned for a wide range of organizations from large global companies to small partnerships. This survey will help you:

  • Align culture with strategy
  • Leverage culture strengths
  • Measure culture change over time
  • Identify culture development needs
  • Describe sub-culture differences
  • Set culture change priorities
  • Take targeted action

What Is Included?

  • Your Culture Story (comprehensive report): Our culture experts deconstruct the data to tell the story of your culture – What is our existing belief system? What do we need to protect and leverage? What may need to change given our strategy and goals?
  • Executive Summary of key takeaways
  • Thematic analysis of answers to the open-ended questions
  • PPT and PDF reports of the data (totals plus 3 comparisons) that includes a Culture Scorecard (overall results), Culture Profile (group comparison), High/Low Items, Scorecarded Data Displays, verbatim answers to the open-ended questions
  • A walk through of your results via webinar


A number of options are available for purchase.

  • Executive Summary: PPT of key takeaways for divisions, business units or other groups; purchase includes a 1-hour webinar review of the survey results ($3500 USD per report)
  • Data Reports: Additional reports comparing the results by groups or segments such as business units by department or tenure ($150 USD per report)
  • Report Debriefs: Additional webinar ($750 USD per webinar) or in-person ($2000 USD per half day plus expenses) report debriefs
  • Knowledge Transfer & Coaching: Workshops or hourly coaching on topics of your choice ($425 USD per hour)

For more information, download the Culture-Strategy Fit® Survey Brochure here.

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Additional information


The CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT Survey consists of 85+ scaled items that examine 35 patterns of behavior and practices across 8 culture dimensions. Consider adding a Strategic Module such as Customer Experience, Innovation, Operational Excellence or Driving Change to delve more deeply into the question of culture fit to strategy. The survey results are analyzed by a culture expert who deconstructs the data to reveal underlying beliefs and assumptions. The result is a comprehensive story of your culture.

Measuring Culture

The CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT Survey uses a scorecard approach to reveal the story of the culture and how it aligns with strategy. It helps organizations quickly identify culture strengths and areas requiring attention. A Culture Profile reveals differences by Group and/or Level. Bar graphs by Culture Dimension, such as Agility and score carded culture patterns such as Risk Taking help unpack the story of the way culture is operating. By examining the way culture patterns inter-relate within and across dimensions, culture dynamics can be identified that create unique organizational DNA or impede future success.

Fast Facts

• Globally appropriate, research-based survey
• Analysis by our culture experts who tell the ‘story’ of your culture
• 85 items assess 35 patterns within 8 culture dimensions; option to add a strategic module, such as customer experience or innovation, and/or engagement drivers
• 2 – 3 open-ended questions add context and color to your data
• 20-25 minute on-line confidential survey accessible 24×7
• Offered in 16 languages with reports in English
• User-friendly, rapid activation

When To Use This Survey

Consider this survey when you need to:
• Establish a hard-to-imitate culture as a competitive advantage
• Deliver new strategies and accelerate transformation
• Align your culture to your brand promise
• Get rid of culture drag preventing people from doing and being their best
• Bolster productivity and invigorate people
• Attract and retain exceptional talent
• Manage the risk of ethical, integrity or other violations

How It Works

Our Culture Resource Center partners with you to provide a quality survey experience for all parties. A simple Intake Form captures your requirements. Within 72 hours, your survey is setup and ready to go. Working together, we determine the best option for accessing the survey, complete a test and finalize details. For participants, completing the survey is convenient and user-friendly with confidentiality guaranteed. For data security, we employ industry-leading privacy and security measures. This results in better participation rates, increased candor and data accuracy, plus greater satisfaction with the survey process.