The CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT® Chocolate Factory Culture Simulation is a meaningful hands-on experience that will be vividly remembered for years into the future. Imagine an intense, fast-paced activity where the behaviors of leaders and their impact on significant organizational outcomes is revealed in real-time. Imagine that at the end of 3 hours, leaders, individually and collectively, experience profound insights into the ways they influence culture, as well as how to intentionally shape and change culture.

The Chocolate Factory Culture Simulation provides a shared experience and language for talking, in a safe way, about the ways the current culture is supporting and/or getting in the way of high performance and what needs to change for future success. The objectives of the simulation include:

  • The leaders’ role in shaping and changing culture
  • The levers to use to intentionally shape and change culture, and
  • The link between values, culture and performance


Find the Chocolate Factory Culture Simulation Brochure here.

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Additional information

The Concept

In The Chocolate Factory, leaders explore the relationship between their words and actions, organizational values, culture and performance. In addition, by critically examining the design of the simulation, they identify how elements of the organization ‘system’, such as structure, processes, space and symbols, influence the way things happen (aka culture). This leads to a powerful discussion of how leaders can intentionally shape and change culture. Most importantly, it creates leadership cohesion and capability to focus on culture as a strategic enabler, delivering strategy, brand and performance.

When to Use the Chocolate Factory

As part of management and leadership development initiatives to help leaders learn how to shape and change culture
As a powerful way to set the stage for developing an effective culture change plan
When embarking on a major change initiative to ensure the proposed changes do not damage the strengths of the current culture and/or encounter cultural resistance
As part of integration activities for a merger or acquisition
As a precursor to reviewing the results of a culture survey and embarking on action plans
When a safe way of talking about group norms of behavior is needed

Clients of the Chocolate Factory

Amongst other clients, Google has used this simulation as part of its global mid-level leadership development program. Rogers, a leader in communications and media has used the simulation with its top executives and subsequently division/company leadership teams. Colleges and universities have used this as part of their culture and leadership initiatives. It has also been licensed to alliance partner leadership development consulting firms in Eastern and Western Europe where it has been used with manufacturing, financial services, technology and research companies.

Fast Facts

Participant profile: Senior leaders, mid-level managers, project and cross-functional teams, Human Resources professionals, departments, members of combining organizations (M&A)
Group Size: 25-45 (optimal)
Time Required: ~3.5 to 5 hours
Materials: Leader’s Guide, PPT presentation, company financials, scoring template and rationale, plus Participant Materials. You print the posters and purchase the costumes and prizes.
Pricing: Materials are provided in digital format ($1500). A printed and laminated set of the Participant Materials is available for an extra $500 + shipping.