The CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT® Culture Cards is a tool to facilitate meaningful conversations about organizational culture. Each of the 26 cards identifies an attribute in our 9-dimension analytic framework.

The Culture Cards provide a framework and shared language for talking, in a safe way, about culture and how it is supporting and/or getting in the way of performance and strategy execution. They are an effective tool for engaging Leaders and others in conversations about culture paving the way to greater understanding and an intentional approach to shaping and changing culture.  They are most effective when used to answer specific questions about the business, such as a problem or goal. This makes the card sort activity concrete and practical while at the same time acknowledging the important role culture plays in the way organizations operate.

Your purchase includes the one-hour Culture Card Activity that provides instructions for conducting a card sort with individuals, teams or large groups. If you prefer a more robust option, consider the Culture Cards Workshop to help you facilitate powerful explorations of the current and/or future culture using a 3 to 5 hour modular design. The workshop materials includes one deck of Culture Cards, a PPT presentation, an optional prework assignment, a handout and detailed Leader’s Guide.

Find the Culture Cards Brochure here.

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Additional information

The Concept

Each of the 26 Culture Cards describes a practice, behavior or attribute that captures an organizational culture pattern. Using the cards ensures that organization members have a common framework and language that contributes to the development of a shared understanding of the culture the organization has and/or needs for the future.

When to Use the Culture Cards

The Culture Cards have been used as part of strategic planning initiatives, business transformation projects, strategic change implementations (i.e. new business models, spin-offs), merger and acquisition integration planning, leadership development workshops, team effectiveness initiatives, executive retreats, as well as vendor and supplier partnerships.

How to Use the Culture Cards

The Culture Card Activity is included with your purchase of one or more card decks. This is a one-hour activity for using the cards to hold powerful and practical conversations focused on the role of culture in solving pressing business problems or pursuing new opportunities.
The Culture Cards Workshop Materials provide instructions for facilitating meaningful conversations about the current or future state culture as part of a workshop or team meeting. The workshop is 3 to 5 hours in length with a strong education component.

Fast Facts

26 Culture Cards per deck (includes Patient-centric for Healthcare organizations)
Culture Card Activity is a 1 hour card sort exercise for use with individuals, teams or large groups (free with Culture Card purchase)
1 Culture Card deck per 1 to 5 people (1 deck per 3 people recommended)
Workshop Materials include: A detailed Leader’s Guide, 1 deck of Culture Cards, a PPT Workshop presentation, handout and optional prework assignment.
Workshop Length: 3 to 5 hours depending on the sections selected for inclusion