Imagine taking people on a photographic safari of their workplace. When we go on a safari our senses become more acute. We mindfully experience, observe and reflect on what is happening in the world around us.

Much like a bush safari, a CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT® Culture Safari engages people in a mindful exploration of culture by capturing moments and images that, in their view, best reflect their organization’s current culture or the culture the organization needs to achieve its goals. These captured moments are merged to create a culture collage that opens the door to meaningful conversations about shared values, underlying assumptions and beliefs…the foundation of culture. The result is a memorable visual and written representation of an organization or group’s culture that can be used to explore culture strengths and identify the changes required for the future.

When you purchase a Culture Safari, you receive a detailed 63-page Leader’s Guide and MS PowerPoint presentation for conducting a culture workshop. The workshop design is highly interactive and includes a current and future culture module plus prework instructions for participants.

Find the Culture Safari Brochure here.

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The Concept

While it is difficult for the outside observer to accurately interpret the meaning captured in an artifact, an organization’s members can quickly articulate its cultural meaning and significance. The Culture Safari invites people to use their photographs to safely explore the shared values, beliefs and assumptions that influence the way things get done in their organization. By observing their surroundings and reflecting on what they see (and don’t see), heightened awareness of their organization’s culture and its subcultures is achieved and with this a deeper understanding of the ways that they, as leaders and members, shape the culture around them.

When to Use the Culture Safari

The Culture Safari can be used in workshops, focus groups and leadership sessions. Use it to…
– Explore the current culture
– Describe a future state culture
– Identify the effect of the current culture on strategy execution
– Identify important sub-culture differences
– Reveal culture similarities and differences in M&As

How to Use the Culture Safari

The Culture Safari Workshop is split into two modules: current culture and future culture. You select the module/s that best meet your objectives. The workshop begins with a brief introduction to the concept of organizational culture and quickly shifts to an activity where people are asked to make sense of the images in the culture collage. The ensuing conversations delve into values, assumptions and beliefs…the foundation of culture…and their implications for performance, strategy execution and goals.
A typical workshop takes 2 to 4 hours and is designed for groups of 5 or more people. The Culture Safari can also be used with larger groups (they have been used with groups of over 100 people) by making some minor modifications. The highly interactive design engages people in the dialogue and critical reflection required to understand, shape and change culture.

Fast Facts

Assignment: Participants take photos of objects and other artifacts they believe best capture the current and/or future culture; allow a minimum of 2 weeks for completion
Workshop materials include: 63-page Leader's Guide & PPT Workshop Presentation
Number of participants: 9 to 25
Time Required:
Module 1 Current Culture – 1.5 to 2 hours
Module 2 Future Culture – 1.25 to 2.25 hours