Survey Options & Pricing

We have two approaches for making your experience with the M&A Culture Scan a success.

You Do It: You receive the M&A Culture Scan report. You work through the report to understand areas of culture similarity, differences and tension.

Total Survey Population Fee
Less than 50 $795
51-250 $1195
250-500 $1495
501-1000 $1895
1001-2500 $2395

Deeper Dive Options

Sub-report $175
Sub-report with PPTs $225

Multi-language Options


1.      Multi-language Survey - Survey set up in requested languages. (Report in English; responses to verbatim questions untranslated) NC
2.      Multi-language Survey - With Translated Verbatim Responses to Questions
  • Survey set up in requested languages; translated responses re-inserted
  • Plus translation handling fees based on number of languages
    • 1-5     $500
    • 6-10   $1000
    • 10+    $1500
  • Plus translation by third party translation firm

Charged at cost

We Help: If support is desired, we are here to help. We provide survey report walk throughs, advisory services and most importantly methodologies for working with this survey as part of Integration Planning. We value transferring knowledge through the M&A Culture Integration methodology and would be pleased to discuss how to build this survey into your Integration Planning. This is provided through a one-time license fee.

Report Walkthrough Fee
1 hour walk through of report with a culture expert. $750

“To be successful in a merger, you have to show respect for the acquired company's culture and ways ... Your goal should be to achieve something together that neither company could do alone. Unfortunately, once the deal is done, buyers often lose sight of that goal. They try to fold the new company into the existing one, squashing the acquiree's creativity, leadership, and     vision in the process.” Memo to AOL Time Warner: Why mergers fail, Workforce, Feb, 2003, by Sarah Fister Gale