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Define the Future State Culture

Define the Future State Culture

The CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT® Imagine Our Future Culture Tool Kit is a set of future state culture workshop modules and materials ready for you to facilitate a future culture workshop with small or large groups. With a selection of design options, you will be able to quickly create a powerful workshop to explore the future culture needed to deliver strategy and/or transformational change goals. 


The Imagine Our Future Culture Tool Kit provides a range of modules and materials to select from:

  • Four Culture Energizers
  • Introduction to Organizational Culture
  • Context for articulating a future culture together
  • 4 Workshop Designs for defining our future state culture
  • Handouts and Tools such as Culture Images and Culture Cards
  • Session Wrap-up


The design is future-focused, creative and generative in that it links to strategy and goals while engaging groups in purposeful exploration of the implications for future culture and its description. It balances bringing energy and passion into group conversation with sufficient structure to build a detailed description of the beliefs and behaviors needed for the future.

The highly interactive and engaging activities and materials have been designed by culture experts who have ensured that the models, modules and materials reflect the most up to date thinking in defining future-state culture. The models and methods in the Tool Kit have been used with dozens of client organizations from small start-ups to large and mature, global market leaders. Workshop materials have been used frequently with executive teams, division leaders and their teams, all managers meetings, transformational change initiatives and health care and community service providers.

An Imagine Your Future Culture workshop provides the tools and methods to build clarity, cohesion and commitment around a shared definition of the future culture to underpin decision making, planning and development for years to come.

When to Use This Tool Kit

  • Strategy workshops
  • Planning meetings
  • Human Capital planning
  • Spin-offs
  • M&A integration

Fast Facts

  • Group size:  Four optional designs for groups from 3 to 150+
  • Length of Time: The activities take 2-3.25 hours. Add time for Energizers, Introduction to Organization Culture, Context Setting and Wrap-up.
  • Format:  Workshop or meeting
  • Target Audience: Any kind of group focused on a shared future; it can be for enterprise, business unit, department and project teams or for collaborating partners, such as research, health care and community service providers
  • Materials:
    • A detailed, descriptive Facilitator’s Guide with optional approaches, logistics, time allocations and more
    • MS PPT presentation
    • Pre-work requirements/options
    • Handouts and Tools including an e-copy of the CSF Culture Images ($75 value) and one set of Culture Cards ($95 value)


Call or e-mail us to purchase the Imagine Our Future Culture Tool Kit. We will e-mail the PDF Facilitator’s Guide and materials to you upon receipt of payment.  Your Culture Cards will be delivered by mail. $495*USD


*Includes shipping of one set of Culture Cards within continental USA and Canada. All other materials are provided electronically. For other locations additional fees may apply. Taxes may apply.