Our Culture Guru

Our Culture Guru

The Culture Guru

Nancie Evans, PhD.

My passion is helping people do meaningful culture work that makes a difference.

My mission is to share the insights, approaches and tools I have acquired during my 30+ years working with organizations from diverse industries around the world.


Dr. Nancie Evans is a culture and leadership expert who works with executives and their organizations to develop the personal and organizational capability required to deliver new strategies and capitalize on new business models. Her approach is informed by in-depth knowledge of the relationship between leadership behaviors and practices, culture and strategy. Her unique perspective helps our clients implement high impact organizational culture assessments systems, culture change roadmaps and organizational development plans to achieve sustainable change and improved performance.

As a leadership and culture management consultant, Nancie provides organizational consulting to clients around the world in three key areas of expertise:

  • Enterprise - For executives who must lead their organizations through significant transformation and leverage and strengthen their unique organizational DNA
  • Leadership Teams - For those who must accelerate execution of organizational strategy, build leadership bench strength and develop cultural capabilities in their groups
  • Executives - For individual executives working in complex, competitive organizations that need to take themselves and their groups through significant change in new ways

Nancie leads CSF’s Research and Assessment Center and has developed a unique suite of very sensitive, leading-edge diagnostic tools and approaches that provide leaders with deep insights into their behaviors, the culture of their organizations, how this is supporting or hindering strategy execution, as well as the levers they can use to proactively shape culture fit to future goals.

Background & Experience

Nancie  started her culture journey in 1988 when she was hired by Nortel Canada to help guide the company through a major culture change. This was just the beginning of what has become her life long passion...helping leaders to intentionally shape and change culture in support of their strategy and goals.

Her leadership and culture expertise is augmented by over 35 years working with organizations experiencing tough operating and competitive challenges and large-scale changes in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Her field experience includes 23 years as a management consultant preceded by 14 years of general management experience in large telecommunications and global high-tech companies. Nancie began her career in telecommunications as an installation manager, and has never lost the ability to identify practical solutions.

Nancie has a PhD in Organizational Behavior from Lancaster University in the UK which was preceded by a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from McMaster University and a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Learning from the University of Toronto. Her doctoral dissertation examined the culture change that resulted from the merger of Sprint and PCS in the late 1990's. The findings, in combination with her years of experience, are the foundation of our models and approach to culture change.

On A Personal Note

I am married with one four-legged baby, Yofi - a 2 year old Coton du Tulear - and live in Uxbridge, Ontario in Canada with my husband of 30 years, Alan. An avid horsewoman, in 2012 I was forced to retire from the horse business and competition (3-Day Eventing and Dressage) after experiencing some nasty head injuries. In the past 6 years, I have taken up cycling - road and mountain - and even competed in two bike races this past Fall with 3,000 other crazy people. I bought a Fat Bike two years ago and now ride year round. Love it, except for the hard crashes on ice! In addition to cycling and hiking, Yofi and I are learning dog agility - he's really good at it - and I'm learning Spanish - I'm not so good at it :).