Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Why Us?

There are a lot of companies out there selling culture surveys and other tools. Why choose us? We thought the best way to answer is to ask a few people who know and work with us.

Pam August
Director Culture Activation
WestJet Airlines

Compelling Insights Guide Action

We have partnered with Culture-Strategy Fit for the past two years to better understand the culture we have, the culture we need for future strategic success, and the most powerful actions we need to take to leverage the best of us while developing new necessary culture muscles. This work involved several key conversations with Dr. Nancie Evans plus the Culture-Strategy Fit Survey.

The result was a compelling set of data and even more compelling culture narrative that allowed us to clearly see the beliefs and assumptions that underlie and inform our actions and articulate four refreshed core values that form our culture foundation moving forward. These values have landed very well in the organization as they capture the core of who we are at our best and who we need to be for the future - a 'forward facing throw-back' as one employee said.

Without Nancie's insightful questions and analysis, we would not have gotten to the crux of our culture challenge so quickly and effectively. Her recommendations linking culture to strategic performance continue to provide strong guide posts as we grow into a global airline.

Dr. John Fast
The Family Business Doctor

Uncover Complex Culture Dynamics

Having partnered with Culture-Strategy Fit in assisting a number of organizations, I have found their surveys to be exceptionally robust tools. Not only do they accurately diagnose complex cultural dynamics, but they also communicate their data in easily understood and accessible dashboards.

Throughout the process, whether formulating our final list of questions and survey parameters, monitoring the employee response process, or providing multiple and highly professional personal feedback workshops based on the results; I have found Nancie and her team very warm, accommodating, professional, and above all highly competent. Culture-Strategy Fit provided us a baseline for informed decision making and an on-going catalyst for meaningful change as we position our company for future growth. Thank you!


Bernadette Johnson
Leadership Consultant
Collaboration Strategist & Author

Post Merger Integration

Culture-Strategy Fit acted not just as a guide and catalyst, but also a teacher during our post merger process using a 'teach to fish' approach. Ensuring we understood, adopted and integrated new practices, enabling the new culture to thrive. Thank you!


Caroline Samné
Co-Founder and Senior Partner
The Pillars

Powerful Conversations Enhance Team Dynamics

We have worked with Culture-Strategy Fit many times over the years. Our most recent partnership revolved around a client who was having some interpersonal issues within a certain division of their organization and were struggling to uncover the reasons why. After several discussions with the client and taking into account the fact that the team was also anxious to get some answers we determined that a Culture Dynamics Pulse survey would be a very valuable tool in the process. The survey allowed for each member to honestly and openly share their thoughts and perspectives. The information collected allowed for the team to have rich and valuable discussions with what they called ‘very honest data.’ This team had struggled with honesty and trust for some time so the survey was a good starting point in the process of enhancing their team dynamics.

The survey was a very key part of the process we used in helping this team to create their path to becoming a strong and effective team. Working with the team at Culture-Strategy Fit is honestly a pleasure; their support and expertise is bar none. We are very grateful to have such an amazing team to support us in our culture initiatives. Thank you to the whole team for exceeding our expectations time and time again!


Natalie Muyres, PMP
Natalie Muyres Consulting

Robust & Sustaining Culture Tools & Techniques

I’ve been fortunate to draw on Culture Strategy Fit training, resources and guidance for over a decade now. I appreciate the research the tools are based on and the deep experience Nancie provides. Culture is a dynamic process and is always present, and Nancie and Sherrill’s commitment to understanding this has led to culture tools and techniques that are robust and sustaining. I love to use the culture images with my clients – they are incredibly helpful in expressing the desired culture and an excellent starting point for transformation. The surveys provide an insight into culture that is unmatched by other tools. I’m always excited to use the Culture Strategy Fit tools with my clients, not only do they learn about their culture, I learn as well!


Blythe Butler
BlytheSpirit Consulting

Second to None Research, Methodologies, Support & Tools

The training and tools from Culture Strategy Fit have been invaluable in helping my clients articulate the dynamics of culture, and how to address opportunities for change within their teams and organizations.  The research, methodologies, support and tools that CSF provides are second-to-none!


Monica Olsen
Health Care Organizational Development
2017 Honorary Member of the Federation of Medical Women of Canada

Simple Tools Generate Powerful Insights

As a long-standing facilitator for physician leadership, I have found the Culture Images to be an incredibly powerful tool to engage participants at the outset of our program on Leading High Performance Culture. An activity that appears deceptively simple at first quickly gives rise to learnings that are rich and multi-layered…just like organization culture!