Per person (minimum order of 10)
The CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT® M&A Culture Scan assesses 15 high risk areas of potential culture clash in merging groups and organizations. It helps you identify important cultural differences, as well as potential synergies, that need to be addressed in integration and change plans. This survey is intended to be used as input to conversations between members of the merging organizations. Use this survey to:

  • Develop a shared understanding of the cultures of merging organizations or groups
  • Identify similarities in culture that can be used to facilitate integration
  • Identify the potential for culture clash so appropriate actions can be taken
  • Gain insights required to develop culturally appropriate and effective change, communication and integration plans
  • Avoid making decisions that have an unintended negative impact on the acquired organization

What Is Included?

We partner with you to run your survey and provide you with reports of your results. You analyze the results, communicate your findings and define next steps.

  • The M&A Culture Scan Report: PPT document comparing the results of merging groups or departments with instructions to help you make sense of the findings
  • Data Displays: Comparison line graph and scorecarded bar charts
  • Answers to the Open-Ended Questions: A PDF of the answers sorted by a comparison of your choice


  • Executive Summary & Workshop Preparation: Your survey results analyzed by a culture expert who prepares a summary of the survey results and customizes the Culture Integration Workshop using your survey results; includes a 1-hour webinar review of the survey results ($3500 USD per report)
  • Knowledge Transfer & Coaching: Workshops or hourly coaching on topics of your choice are available


For more information, download the M&A Culture Scan Brochure here.

    PPT presentation with detailed Leader’s Guide to help you make sense of your survey results and develop effective integration plans

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Additional information


The M&A Culture Scan asks members of merging organizations to assess 15 potential areas of culture clash. The results focus conversations between members of merging organizations on important similarities and differences in culture. It is suitable for internal mergers such as departments and business units, as well as acquisitions of external organizations. It is most effective when used with our Culture Integration Workshop. The survey results help Leaders, HR/OD and M&A Teams develop culturally appropriate integration, communication and change plans.


• 15 items assess potential areas of culture clash
• 2-3 open-ended questions add context and color to your data
• Minimum order of 10 to ensure useful data
• 5-10 minute on-line confidential survey
• User-friendly, rapid activation
• Industry-leading data security
• Accessible by desk top, phone or tablet
• Personal access codes provide survey access (option for email links)
• Daily progress reports of survey participation
• Available in English, Canadian French and Latin American Spanish. Other languages can be added if required.
• Optional analysis available by our culture experts

When To Use It

This short, powerful 15-item survey can be used pre or post-close and anytime groups are considering amalgamation.
• M&A Due Diligence – hit the ground running with culturally appropriate change, communication and integration plans
• M&A Integration Plans – leverage cultural synergies, avoid cultural ‘land mines’ and address important cultural differences
• Organization Restructuring – lessen anxiety and reduce resistance to change caused by cultural differences in merging departments, business units and functions

How It Works

Our Culture Resource Center partners with you to provide a quality survey experience for all parties. A simple Intake Form captures your requirements. Within 72 hours, your survey is setup and ready to go. Working together, we determine the best option for accessing the survey, complete a test and finalize details. For participants, completing the survey is convenient and user-friendly with confidentiality guaranteed. For data security, we employ industry-leading privacy and security measures. This results in better participation rates, increased candor and data accuracy, plus greater satisfaction with the survey process.

Survey Price

$49 USD per person (minimum 10)