The CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT® Future Culture Toolkit is a comprehensive set of workshop modules and tools providing everything you need to facilitate a future culture workshop with small or large groups.

You customize your workshop by selecting the content you need from the materials. This allows you to tailor your workshop to different audiences, group sizes and available time. Your purchase includes a deck of our best-selling Culture Cards plus the popular Culture Images. With a selection of design options, you can quickly create a powerful workshop to define the future culture needed to deliver strategy and/or transformational change goals.

The highly interactive and engaging activities and materials have been designed by culture experts ensuring the models, modules and materials reflect the most up to date thinking in defining future-state culture. The models and methods in the Toolkit have been used with dozens of organizations from small start-ups to large and mature, global market leaders. Workshop materials have been used with executive teams, division leaders and their teams and as an important part of all managers meetings.

Find the Future Culture Toolkit Brochure here.

    Your workshop materials include one deck of Culture Cards. We recommend one deck per team of 3 to 5 people when used in meetings and workshops to allow everyone to be involved and contribute their opinion. 

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Additional information

The Concept

The first step in any journey is to determine the destination. The destination in culture work is the future culture required to fulfill the organization’s purpose, execute its strategy and achieve its goals. This is where the Future Culture Toolkit plays an important role guiding leaders and their teams through the process of describing this future culture. Ultimately, leaders have a choice…allow the culture to evolve (or not) by default or intentionally design the culture to accelerate the execution of strategy and achievement of goals.

When to Use the Future Culture Toolkit

The Future Culture Toolkit is an effective solution when it is important to craft a shared view of the culture required to execute an organization's strategy and achieve its goals. It has been used as part of:
-Executive/Leadership Retreats
-Leadership Development Programs
-Strategic Planning
-Talent Acquisition & Management
-Brand Strategy
-M&A Integration

How to Use the Future Culture Toolkit

Customize your workshop by selecting the content that meets your objectives from:
-Four Culture Energizers
-Introduction to Organizational Culture
-Context Setting (for articulating the future culture)
-Four Workshop Designs
-Handouts and Tools such as Culture Images and Culture Cards
-Session Wrap-up

Fast Facts

Group size: 3 to 150+
Length: 2-3.25 hours; Energizers, Introduction to Organization Culture, Context Setting and Wrap-up require additional time
Materials include:
– A detailed Leader’s Guide
– MS PPT presentation
– Pre-work requirements/options
– Handouts and Tools including: PDF of the CSF Culture Images ($75 value) and 1 deck of Culture Cards ($95 value)