The CULTURE-STRATEGY FIT® suite of Culture Surveys are research-based, globally appropriate and ready to help you better understand your culture, set priorities for action and measure progress. They are unique in that each survey is designed for a specific purpose and context. They are special in that they tell a story rather than simply provide data. They reveal the insights leaders need to intentionally shape and change culture.

Powerful insights inform action

Your organization has a unique culture shaped by shared values, assumptions and beliefs as to the best and right way to do things in order to be successful. Over time, this tacit belief system becomes embedded in all aspects of organizational life. The challenge is this very tacitness which makes it difficult for people to articulate why things happen the way they do. While this is fine when times are stable and the organization is successful, it can become a problem when you are in a dynamic environment facing significant internal and external change. How do you know if your culture is helping or getting in the way of your strategy, mission and goals? How do you know what needs to be protected and changed?

Practical and cost effective survey solutions

Culture-Strategy Fit Survey A culture expert tells the ‘story’ of your culture by examining the dynamics across 8 dimensions and 35 patterns of behaviors and practices. Option to add a strategic module such as Customer Experience or Innovation. Analysis focuses on the alignment of your culture to your purpose, strategy and goals. It reveals insights into values and belief systems which are critical for shaping and changing culture. 85 scaled items plus 2 or 3 open-ended questions. 20 to 25 minutes

Culture Snapshot This 25-item survey is based on our popular Culture Cards providing insights into your current culture. Use the same 25-items to compare your current culture to employee perceptions of the culture you need to execute your strategy and achieve your goals. 10 minutes

Culture Dynamics Pulse A 50-item survey that takes a close look at the social dynamics within a team, department or organization. This survey is especially helpful for organizations seeking to strengthen collaboration within and across organization boundaries and improve within team dynamics. 10 to 15 minutes

Innovation Culture Pulse This 80-item survey identifies how your current culture is supporting or impeding innovation and agility. It has also been used to compare high and low innovation sites and groups identifying cultural best practices and key differences leading to targeted change. 15 to 20 minutes