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Corporate Culture Performance Dilemma

The Culture-Performance Dilemma

Posted on August 20, 2019 By Dr. Nancie Evans { no comments }

If you are a manager at any level in an organization, you need to care about culture. Specifically, you need to understand how your words and actions are affecting the values, beliefs and assumptions of the people within your sphere of influence, and particularly those who report to you. This goes well beyond behaving in […]

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A Leader's Sphere of Influence

Lesson 4: Who Are Your Leaders?

Posted on June 24, 2019 By Dr. Nancie Evans { no comments }

Culture is created by shared experience, but it is the leader who initiates this process by acting out his or her beliefs, values, and assumptions in the behaviors he or she demonstrates and the practices he or she uses. So far, we have focused on senior leaders due to the power they have to drive […]

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The Leader’s Role In Shaping Culture: A Theoretical Perspective

Posted on May 27, 2019 By Dr. Nancie Evans { no comments }

[i] “Management controls, arranges, does things right; leadership unleashes energy, sets the vision so we do the right thing.” (Bennis & Nanus, 1985)[ii] Much of present day thinking on the subject of leadership can be traced back to significant global economic changes that occurred in the early 1970’s and extended through the 1980’s following an […]

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the important of company openness

Announcing Our New Website!

Posted on August 22, 2018 By Dr. Nancie Evans { no comments }

We at Culture-Strategy Fit are excited to announce our new and improved website at After months of hard work, designing and redesigning, we have successfully created an informative, user-friendly site that highlights all our culture-based business products and services. Why Is A Company’s Culture So Important? Culture creates the capacity to achieve great things. […]

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what CHRO should be doing in 2018

Where to Next for the CHRO & Culture? 5 Things Every CHRO Should be Doing in 2018

Posted on January 15, 2018 By Dr. Nancie Evans { no comments }

The new year brings with it a time to reflect on what’s ahead and what we need to accomplish. For CHRO’s and other HR leaders, this will be a tough year. Not only is the external environment more competitive, dynamic, and complex, but inappropriate or disrespectful behavior and inequitable practices are less and less acceptable. […]

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