Culture Bingo is a short, 45 minute activity used to introduce the concept of culture. A competitive element makes it high energy and very engaging. It can be used with groups of five or more people. The activity comes with a PPT presentation, Leader’s Guide and 30 Bingo cards.

The activity begins with people working in small teams of 5 to 8 people. The teams are asked to develop a definition of organizational culture. They write their definition on a flipchart. When finished, they post their flip charts on a wall with the definition facing down. At this point, each person is given a different Culture Bingo card. As each team reveals its definition of organizational culture, they cross off words on their Bingo card. The first three people to get a straight line of words on their card win a prize. The activity is wrapped up with a short 5 to 10 minute teach about the levels of culture.

The objectives of the Culture Bingo activity are:

  • Develop a shared understanding of what organizational culture is
  • Understand the three levels of culture


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Additional information


Culture is a term that is often used by people in organizations to refer to the intangible way that things get done. For example, people describe their organizations as having an employee engagement culture, a results oriented culture, an entitlement culture, a bureaucratic culture and so forth. Embedded in this is an implicit assumption that everyone knows what culture is. This activity is designed to surface people's perceptions of culture and use this to develop a shared understanding of the concept at an introductory or basic level. It is much more effective than a lesson taught to them as it gets people thinking and talking about the concept of culture and what it means to them.


Culture Bingo is a fun, high-paced and effective way to introduce the concept of organizational culture to a workshop or meeting. It helps to ensure everyone has the same basic understanding of culture. It can be used to clarify the difference between national and organizational culture, the role of subcultures and importance of values, beliefs and assumptions.


Culture Bingo is most effective when used at the beginning of a workshop or meeting that is dealing with culture. Instead of telling people what culture is, this activity surfaces their perspectives and beliefs so these can be discussed before proceeding with other work. This avoids confusion and misunderstanding later in your session.


• 45 minute fast paced and fun activity
• 30 Culture Bingo Cards
• PowerPoint presentation materials you can customize to suit your needs
• Leader's Guide provides detailed instructions